Marketing Content Creator

Bang Rak, Bangkok

Job Type

Full Time

Job Highlights

  • Understanding in Digital Marketing (Marketplaces)

  • KOLs,Influencer,Graphic Designer,Video Editor

  • Creating new content,Ideation & Research

Job Description

1. Content Planning to build brand awareness and support sale performance

2. Develop creative content and following new trend / viral for Real-Time Marketing

3. Creative marketing concept and co-ordinate with graphics / production team to generate high-quality content – Artwork, wording caption and VDO contents

4. Analysis and improve SEO & CI content performance to support all sale and media channels ie. Facebook, IG, Youtube, Media Pages, Tiktok, Online Marketplace & Offline channels.

5. Coordinate with external team ie. Agency, KOLs and media pages to launch marketing perfect content

6. Execution and monitoring all actions and KPIs are meet the deadline

7. Other per assigns.

Job Specification

-Experience in Copywriting & VDO creator for 1-2 years.

-Experience in Selling Product and Branding for both Online & Offline medias.

-Photoshop & illustrator skill are required

-Interest in – Home & Lifestyle , Pets, Sport , Digital and Gaming industy.

-Understanding in Digital Marketing (Marketplaces) will be advantage