Xaiomi & Fanslink launch Fanslink Partnership Program to bring Xiaomi products closer to Thailand consumers.

2020/12/15  |  Fanslink

Xiaomi support Fanslink (Xiaomi Thailand distributor) to Launch "Fanslink Partnership Program" to Work with Partners of Different Provinces to Bring Xiaomi Products Closer to Thailand Consumers, First Time Ever in the Country!


       Fanslink Communication Co., Ltd., the first and biggest distributor of Xiaomi brand in Thailand since 2017. With successful and continuous growth, Fanslink together with Xiaomi Thailand, made Xiaomi brand well known for Thailand consumers, and recently Fanslink started the "Fanslink Partner Program (FPP)". This FPP program is to work with Xiaomi Thailand, Xiaomi after service, and the top partners around Thailand closely, and to generate growth for all the participants. The Company therefore has invited the selected top wholesalers, dealers and chain retailers from different regions of all over the country, together with Xiaomi Thailand team, to participate in the seminar in the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, on December 15, 2020.

       Xiaomi smart phone has been ranking top 3 in the world in 2020. Xiaomi Eco, as another core strategy of Xiaomi brand has huge opportunity to grow in Thailand in 2021. Xiaomi Eco is one of the biggest smart home and IOT solution in the world. The seminar was set to introduce benefits & advantages of FPP, share Xiaomi Ecosystem products 2021 roadmap, and build deeper understanding and trust between all selected partners and Fanslink and Xiaomi. This is a big business opportunity in 2021.

       Fanslink partners in the seminar were equipped with rich information that helps implement sales opportunities and prepare themselves to be the leading Xiaomi distribution partners in their own regions. 


       In the event, there were also some important topics such as the price structure, import & customs clearance, after-sales services, etc. from the highly experienced speakers from of Fanslink and Xiaomi Thailand team.


       Mr. Jonathan, CEO of Xiaomi Thailand, gave speech at the opening of the event, and Mr. Iris, Product Manager Xiaomi Ecosystem Product, shared Xiaomi Ecosystem products 2021 roadmap in the seminar.  Mr. Jason, cofounder of Fanslink company, also delivered speech and had close discussion with all partners.

       More than 20 business owners and representatives of the selected partners who are the industry-leading companies in the different regions of Thailand have participated in the seminar, such as Boonthavorn, Office Mate, PowerBuy, SCG, Synnex, IT City, The Great, Buraphavat, Star Money, Korat Nawakit, Ibiz, Viratmalee, Lakecom and etc. Fanslink and Xiaomi appreciate all the participants and will continue to support all of them thoroughly including special support package which only open to the participants of the FPP.


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